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Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

I'm sure if you've looked through my website, it comes to no surprise that I am a huge supporter of the eco-friendly lifestyle. I try to ensure my family and I do our part to keep the earth alive and "green"! Whether it be maintaining our family compost pile, being sure to recycle as many products in the home that we can, using reusable bags whenever possible or reducing our household consumption on everything from water, clothes and energy, I like to say we do our part. (We're actually looking into getting solar panels installed in our home! I am so excited about this!!)

I even volunteer at my girls' school to help them with their school garden and other conservation projects such as Arbor Day/Earth Day celebrations, recycling awareness week, and other sustainability projects the school partakes in! It's so fun to teach kids at a young age about the measures they can take to save the earth. I wish we had classes like this when I was in school! I just love that they're incorporating this into the education curriculum.

Here's some websites I highly recommend if you are interested in becoming more environmentally conscious!