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Composting and Sustainable Gardening

When our family first started a compost pile at the house, my daughters freaked out and told me they weren't going to live here if there was rotting garbage in and around our home. ...This was 8 years ago, and boy have things changed.

Living in California, we're faced with many environmental problems. From water shortages to wild fires and extreme air pollution depending on how the wind blows, it's a difficult day and age for the environmentalist.

I like to consider my family higher up on the eco-friendly household than normal, but I don't like to brag. ...I do however like to promote sustainability and have even gotten a few neighbors to start their own composting pile, in addition to some other conservation ideas at home.

If you are new to the composting idea - or are interested in learning how to grow your own plants organically, I'll give you some information below:

Why should you compost?

How to compost:

Here's the science behind composting...pretty interesting stuff: The Science Behind Composting - Live Science

This is the composting bin my family uses, which I highly recommend: Gardener's Supply Company Deluxe Pyramid Composter, Recycled Plastic Composter

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